925 sterling silver is one of the most popular choices for healed piercings and it is therefore recommended that sterling silver nose jewelry such as studs are included in every professional piercer inventory.

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The Use of Sterling Silver in Nose Jewelry

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Some piercings, especially facial piercings such as ear and nose piercings, are not only popular but are done to accentuate with premium body jewelry, such as silver nose rings. Nose piercings rank as the second most popular kind of piercings and there are nine different kinds of nasal piercings. The three most common nose piercings are nostril piercings, high nostril piercings, and septum piercings. Bridge, Austin bar, rhino, nasallang, septril, and third eye piercings are less common. The jewelry used for these piercings are barbells; either straight or curved. There is a wide variety of jewelry options available for nostril piercings and septum piercings, such as nose studs, nose bones, nose rings, nose pins as well as septum clickers, curved and circular barbells, and captive bead rings. When a piercing is first done, it is recommended by the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) that only body jewelry made of hypoallergenic materials such as 316 surgical steel and G23 titanium be used. However, once the piercing has fully healed, it is possible to change to other materials, such as silver nose rings that will highlight the piercing with more precious material. 925 sterling silver is one of the most popular choices for healed piercings and it is therefore recommended that sterling silver nose studs are included in every professional piercers inventory.

Compared to gold, it is more affordable, making it a preferred material for healed piercing jewelry. Silver nose rings come in different sizes and designs and with various attachments. Silver nose studs have a shiny luster and have always been premium items. Pure unadulterated silver is very soft and is generally not used for the production of silver nose rings as it is easily dented, scratched, and bent. The silver used for body jewelry purposes is mixed with other metals, particularly copper to strengthen it. This results in different grades such as 925/1000, 835/1000, and 800/1000. These variants are malleable materials, suitable for creating different designs of silver nose jewelry. It has long been considered that sterling silver or 925 silver are a healing material with antibacterial properties, making silver nose rings much sought after.

The Varieties of Silver

The material comes in many variations but not all of them are suitable as nose jewelry materials. Some types of the material are more prone to tarnishing than others. When looking at the material through the naked eye, all variants are shiny and valuable but in reality, each type is different in content. They also display different unique characteristics and functional uses. One of the quickest ways to verify the authenticity of silver nose rings and find out what type of silver they are made of is by looking for the quality hallmark stamp on the item.

As mentioned earlier, the pure form is very soft and is rarely used for body jewelry such as silver nose studs but it is usually used for bullion bars. This material has a stamp of .999 as it is 0.1% alloyed with other metals and 99.9% pure silver. Sterling silver is the most commonly used type for body jewelry. 7.5% of the material is alloyed with copper to improve its strength and thus has a .925 stamp. It is less susceptible to damage, bending, scratches, and dents, making it an ideal material for nose jewelry. Furthermore, these nose jewelry materials are suitable for more sensitive skins. Silver nose rings are also known to have antimicrobial properties. .900 stamped silver, also called ‘’coin silver’’, is only used for coins in many countries. There is also silver nose jewelry that is processed from coin scraps, but this material is inferior to standard silver.

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“One of the quickest ways to verify the authenticity of silver nose rings and find out what type of silver they are made of is by looking for the quality hallmark stamp on the item”

An In-depth View on 925 Silver

Silver round piercings
This material is known as “the metal of the moon” because of its milky white and greyish color

925 sterling silver is a mixture of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloys predominantly copper, but zinc and nickel are sometimes added. These alloys make the body jewelry durable and suitable for everyday use but will also promote slight tarnishing. The pure form does not react with elements in the air but the alloyed metals do and this produces a thin layer of tarnish if left unused for long periods of time. The tarnished layer of sterling silver nose studs can easily be removed by rubbing the silver nose rings on a soft jewelry cleaning cloth. Tarnishing can also be prevented by using nose jewelry often. Nose jewelry can be plated with pure silver or rhodium to give it a brighter luster.

This precious material has a long shelf life and its value increases with time
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There are many ways to determine if the material is real. The definitive method is to look for the quality hallmark stamp on your silver nose rings which will say 925, .925, or 92.5. The purity of the material can also be checked by conducting an acid test, a professional testing method where a small shaving is taken from the jewelry piece and tested with nitric acid. If there are no changes in the color of the shaving of the silver nose rings, it is authentic 925 silver. There are several self-tests that can also be done easily to determine the authenticity of the material but these are not deemed fully reliable. Because of the alloyed metals in sterling silver, tarnishing of the silver nose rings can happen over time and when the body jewelry is rubbed with a clean soft cloth, a black residue is visible. Furthermore, the material emits no odors and if the body jewelry does smell, it may contain more alloys such as copper. It should not be affected by magnets and so carrying out a magnet test on the silver nose rings will help determine the material.

925 sterling silver has many benefits when used for body piercing and nose jewelry. It is a precious metal that is less expensive than gold and platinum. This high-quality material has a long shelf life and its value increases with time, making it suitable to stock up. Even as a precious metal, its affordability, and demand make it a popular universal choice for body jewelry. Silver nose rings are easy to keep clean. If used regularly, they require very little maintenance and any minimal tarnishing can be easily cleaned. It must be noted that chlorine reacts adversely to alloyed silver. For this reason, silver nose studs and nose rings should always be removed when wearers swim in a chlorinated pool. These nose jewelry materials can be plated to produce a more colorful variety of nose piercing jewelry. 18 karat gold plated silver nose jewelry creates the look of a solid jewelry piece without paying the price.

Buy High-Quality Wholesale Nose Jewelry

A wide variety of high-quality nose jewelry is supplied in different designs. From seamless and segment rings, nose studs and bones, and L-shaped nose studs, to Bend-It-Yourself sterling silver nose studs. Body jewelry for the nose has design options with genuine precious stones as well as semi-precious gemstones. There is also fake body jewelry that every professional piercer should include in their inventory. All our jewelry is checked carefully to ensure defect-free and high-quality items. Furthermore, nose jewelry can be ordered per piece, in bulk as well as on displays. Buying silver nose rings in bulk is cost-effective as there are special shipping options available.

The other benefits of buying sterling silver nose piercings in bulk or large orders are that there are special deals such as free shipping and the assortment of different sterling silver nose jewelry sizes included is also greater.

Silver nose ring with crystals

Silver Seamless Nose Rings with Prong Set Crystals

Silver nose rings are ideal for nostril and high nostril piercings and are supplied in solid silver, 18 Karat gold plated, rose gold plated, and colored plated versions. Some 925 sterling silver nose rings are continuous twist rings with a gap and others have a fixed bead. Both versions are easy to insert by gently twisting them. The fixed bead ring has a hole in the bead to secure the open end after insertion. The crystals used for these 925 silver nose rings are sold in 16 different crystal colors. Both types of rings are also supplied with synthetic opals in five colors. These prong-set attachments come in varying sizes.

sterling silver nose jewelry septums

Silver Septum Clickers and Fake Septum Clickers

A vast variety of septum clickers with surgical steel closure bars are supplied in ethnic and modern designs with or without crystals. Our wholesale online store also features a large collection of fake septum clickers in ethnic designs. All septum clickers and fake septum nose jewelry items are sold as solid silver, 18 Karat gold plated, rose gold plated, and black accents silver versions.

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L-shaped Silver Nose Studs with Prong-Set Crystals

These solid silver, 18 Karat gold plated, rose gold plated, and colored plated sterling silver nose studs are supplied as L-shaped as well as Bend It Yourself versions. They come with crystals in 16 different colors in either prong set or bezel set round tops.

sterling silver nose jewelry bones with gold plating

Gold Plated Silver Nose Bones

Nose bones for nostril piercings are recommended for healed piercings and the bulbous end keeps the jewelry secure. This nostril jewelry is easy to use and supplied in a variety of different tops from simple balls to more intricate shapes such as skulls, stars, crosses, crescents, and dolphins as well as prong-set crystals and logoed tops. They are supplied in solid silver, 18 Karat gold plated, black, and rose gold plated silver.